Scholarly Horizons: University of Minnesota, Morris Undergraduate Journal


When it comes to software development, perhaps one of the most important and time consuming processes is that of software testing. In fact, early studies on software testing estimated that it could consume fifty percent or more of development costs for a product. Because of this, the ability to optimize testing to reduce testing costs can be very valuable. In this paper we compare two popular methods, test-last testing, often used in waterfall software development processes, and test-first testing, often used in Agile test driven software development methods, by reviewing recent studies on the subject. In this review we discuss the possible benefits of test-first and test-last testing and possible problems with the current data comparing these two testing methods. After that, we explore other methods in test-first testing besides test driven development, such as behavior driven development, in an attempt to and a better test-first testing model. In the end we discuss our results and potential future studies to help clarify current data.



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