Committees (A2-C) contents

UMM Archives


This record series consists of materials from various UMM committees. Materials include: agendas, brochures, calendars, correspondence, form letters, memoranda, minutes, notes, reports and schedules. Of special interest are the files for the Freshman Year Experience Committee, 1987-92; the Minority Experience Committee files for various years; the minutes from the Morris Campus Planning Committee (CPC) from 1962-71 which discussed, among other things, the plans for a cluster campus; materials—1986-87 through 1993-94--from the Native American Advisory Committee; the recommendations of the Grading Subcommittee of the Scholastic Committee, 1971; the brief file from the Task Force on Sexual Harassment, 1989-92; the files from the University Center Committee, 1986-91, which eventually became the Student Center Committee, 1991-92, and which documents much of the construction of that building; and the extensive files from the Student Services Committee, 1985-94.