General files and correspondence: Administrative (A2-E-b) contents

UMM Archives


These records address a wide area of the Vice-Chancellor's administrative responsibilites and thus touch upon important issues in regards student life. Some materials document conversations about Activities Fees, and other files reflect campus-wide discussions of more controversial issues. Mark Shelstand's research paper on the history of "Agoraphobia," a student-run store, is an one example, as is the materials on "Flatlands." Some early records speak to issues involving the residence halls and the policy of "campusing" for disciplining infractions. Other files contain plans for new buildings, including the Food Service Building, Briggs Library and the Student Center. Related materials involve plans to demolish Camden Hall and Community Services Building (the Welcome Center) and to erect a large classroom and office building in their place. Other records speak to persistent problems with the Social Science Building. Also of interest are the folders documenting Executive Group meetings and activities, and some of these materials have to do with retrenchment and reallocation. Other matters discussed include Health Service facilities and personnel, military recruitment on campus and the possible conflict with provisions of Title IX, the crafting of a mission statement ("UMM Mission Statement, Planning Goals and Objectives"), and televised classes.