General files and correspondence: Students (A2-E-g) contents

UMM Archives


This subseries consists of primarily memos, meeting materials (agendas, minutes and notes), and reports from the office of the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs. Many of the files document the close working relationship between the Vice-Chancellor and the Office of Student Activities. The materials cover a wide range of topics, from enrollment, official student statistics, hiring, and management of the Student Center and its upkeep.

Of special interest is a report conveying information and statistics on the 1960-1962 cohort of students. These include enrollment figures, the home towns of students and their high school rank. The Student 2000 Project Design Team Final Report presents a vision of the student experience in 2000 and imagines an expanded and technologically more sophisticated approach to planning and registration. In a very small file The Vice Chancellor expresses gratitude for the hard work of volunteers in running the Cougar Night Club in the late 1980s. The Student Activities file on MPIRG contains a significant number of MPIRG publications (brochures, etc.) from the late 1980s and early 1990s. Several of the files pertain to the proposal, lobbying, budgeting, planning efforts, and aftermath for the creation of the current Student Center, including letters, publications, meeting minutes, newspaper clippings, etc. The budgets for the student center also include an Agoraphobia Operation Proposal and contract correspondence. Two large folders contain a variety of Morris student life handbooks, as well as those from other campuses, from 70s-90s, for the purpose of developing a student handbook. This also includes the 1968 handbook with 1970's revisions. Lastly, there is a file of significant arbitration and planning for construction, renovation, and demolition of campus buildings and space from the 1980s.