Institutional research (A2-D)

UMM Archives


The record series, Vice-Chancellor for Student Affairs, Institutional Research, contains a wide range of materials having to do with the state and status of the institution. These include the demographic profile of students, as well as statistics on attitudes, values and behaviors. Materials include: brochures, class schedules, correspondence, memoranda, questionnaires and reports. Of special interest: the ACE/CIRP Freshman Survey file from 1988, the M.A. thesis authored by Corliss D. Munson and entitled “A description of the Changing Profile of the University of Minnesota, Morris, 1960-1965”; the two reports entitled “College Choice and Family Educational Patterns Among Entering Freshmen at the University of Minnesota, Morris,” one for 1991 and one for 1993; and the assorted various UMM Studies & Graphs compiled by Steven Granger, 1960-65.