General files and correspondence: Administrative (A3-H-b) contents

UMM Archives


Some of this record series' earliest materials--agendas, brochures, correspondence, memoranda, minutes, newspapers (including clippings), handwritten notes--date from the 1960s. However, most of the records are from Bettina (Elizabeth) Blake's tenure as academic dean. The sub-series does include some earlier materials from Gordon Bopp's administration, and of interest here are records having to do with the Morris Chamber of Commerce. Other files from the earlier period involve civil service issues and non-unionized employees. The series also includes Bopp's personal calendars. Of note from Samuel Schuman's tenure are records from the Chancellor's Advisory Council. Other materials of importance include: a small file containing a working paper proposing a conduct code for students in 1971; "Breakfast with the Deans" files, many containing handwritten notes of Dean Blake and dating mainly from the 1980s (these were regular breakfast meetings of the various deans from within the University system); records from CERP (Continuing Education and Regional Programs), including memoranda and correspondence between the dean and Roger McCannon; records from the Northwest Area Foundation and its "Faculty Vitality Project;" a handful of "Dean's Convocation" files; two folders of materials from the "Eagle Lake Pollution Abatement Project," an early attempt to engage in regional environmental planning; a short list of "Executive Committee" files from the late 1980s; a number of files documenting library issues and concerns from 1969 to 1980; and finally the folder marked "Document Reviews for the Morris Campus Planning Committee" (containing annotated materials from the 1960s and which anticipated the future growth and change to programs and infrastructure).