Curriculm and programs (A3-D) contents

UMM Archives


Materials from this record series involve committees, organizations and task forces from a variety of different levels. Some files are for all-university committees, some are for national organizations, and the majority have to do with campus governance and serve to document the campus response to significant issues during its formative years. The majority of the records are from Bettina (Elizabeth) Blake’s tenure as Academic Dean. Materials include agendas, brochures, correspondence, memoranda, minutes, newsletters, notes, pamphlets, questionnaires and reports. Of special interest: the file from 1979-80 entitled “Accessibility for the Handicapped Committee” documenting an early attempt to study accessibility on campus for persons with disabilities; the two files from the “Agricultural Action Task Force, 1985-89, a local group representing the extension service, UMM and local farm leaders and businessmen and addressing the state and status of the area’s farm economy; the copy of Dean Bettina (Elizabeth) Blake’s talk, “The Institutional Budget: Vision, Planning and Reality,” given at the Bemidji regional conference for the American Council on Education National Identification Program for the Advancement of Women in Higher Education Administration, 1981 (file labeled ACE—Bemidji Talk, April 1981); the Alumni Association file from 1983-86 that documents the naming of Truman O. Driggs as the first recipient of UMM’s Outstanding Faculty Award; the “Campus Resources and Planning Committee” materials for various years and especially the records from 1985-86 involving the New Directions Task Force and General Education Requirements (GER), the planning documents from 1988-89, the report entitled “Maturing: Increasing Public Recognition and Academic Selectivity in a Time of Decreasing Resources” from 1991; the files from the “Energy Emergency Committee” from 1978-80 and documenting the campus’s response to the energy crisis; the materials from “Freshman Seminars,” 1980-83 and from the “Freshman Year experience Committee” for various years; the materials related to Project PROSPER from the “General Education Committee” files, 1987- 90; “Planning Committee” records from 1970-71 and especially those which document campus-wide discussions about growth (to the 4000 student mark), the development of graduate programs, and the construction of a cluster campus; the various other “PROSPER” subcommittees from 1987-89 and especially the records from the “ProsPer Assessment Committee” from 1992-93.