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UMM Archives


This record series, consisting of brochures, correspondence, memoranda, minutes, office forms, reports, working papers, etc., reflects the myriad issues connected to curriculum and program development and management. These range from the ordinary, day-to-day, business of class scheduling to the larger matters of curriculum reform and the development of new general education requirements. Of special interest are the files dealing with retention in the early 1970s, the large number of folders from Continuing Education and Regional Programs, the materials from the Council on Liberal Education, the files from the Sisseton-Wahpeton "Sioux Indian College Center, the records from the Morris Drug Information Program, and the materials having to do with an attempt to establish a "Human Sexuality Course." More important, are the extensive records from the "New Directions Task Force" and it efforts toward curricular reform in the 1980s. This task force eventually submitted to the Campus Assembly a plan for new general education requirements entitled "Project Prosper." The record series also contains a significant number of files from the various summer session programs, including "The Creative Institute," a number of files from "University College" and "University Without Walls," and the materials from the late 1990s involving "Semester Conversion."