Speeches and addresses (A3-J) contents

UMM Archives


Materials in this small record sub-series consist of a few speeches, mostly those delivered by Rodney Briggs in the 1960s, and a handful of other folders involving conferences, guest speakers and policy statements and reports. However, the various Briggs speeches are most worthy of note. He addressed the topic of the future of American agriculture, for instance, in 1966 and spoke to the "Problems of the Small College" in that same year. Two years later he recapped the then brief history of the campus and expressed his vision of the future in his address, "Pledged to Excellence, Committed to Students." Also included in these materials is Brigg's valedictory statement from commencement, 1969. Finally, the file labeled "Toward 1985 and Beyond" documents the Morris campus' response to an all-University planning document that many interpreted as antagonistic to UMM's mission and future.