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Gager's Station is a little known, but formative settler infrastructure project from the 1860s in west-central Minnesota. Gager's Station was situated along both an important military supply route, and lands of significant importance to the Indigenous people of the area. Gager's Station bears several similarities to the scout camps and civilian defense forts in the broader Fort Wadsworth network that provided civilian defense to new homesteaders following the Dakota-US War of 1862. Fort Wadsworth served as another goal post in western expansion of the United States. Further, the networks of forts that supported it appeased the anxious settlers who feared Dakota uprising levels of reprisal from people who no longer lived in their settlements. The following is a synthesis of the historical and archaeological record of Fort Wadsworth network and how Gager's Station fits into the broader goals of the colonial project in the upper Midwest.

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Gager's Station (Minn.); Frontier and pioneer life--Minnesota; Stevens County (Minn.)--Antiquities


Archaeological Anthropology


Adviser: Rebecca Dean

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Interpreting Settler Infrastructure in Stevens County, Minnesota: Gager's Station and the Post Dakota-US War of 1862 Frontier