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In the U.S., gender stereotypes in sports are real. As a result, women who are involved with professional sports, either as players or have professional positions face negative stereotypes. When women have coaching positions, they feel unsupported from administrators and colleagues, which has a direct impact on their involvement and prove their credibility at their jobs (LaFountaine and Kamphoff 2016). My thesis here is that there is a relationship between the impact of negative stereotypes for women who are active in sports and their involvement. For, they do not receive sufficient support. The hypothesis, taken from the above thesis, is that is there a relationship between the negative stereotyping of women and the impact on their involvement in their job? In order to test my hypotheses, I used qualitative research methods, reading extensive literature research from the articles of peer-reviewed journals, books, and stories of personal experiences of professional women in sports. The results showed that women who have profession in sports do receive negative stereotyping and it’s impact on their involvement. Therefore, I believe, this is an area that needs to be addressed and dealt with, so that women can enter in this profession positively.

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Sports for women; Women athletes; Sex discrimination in sports


Gender and Sexuality | Sports Studies

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Conquering Gender Stereotypes One Football at a Time