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The Killer Wingfield Theatre & Film Company has been producing original works with a primarily student ensemble for the past two years. Company co-founders Jonas Newhouse and William White have focused their efforts researching all aspects of production, striving to create an opportunity for themselves and their peers to create high-quality original works, including five plays and nine short films. As part of this research, Killer Wingfield produced a thirty-minute short film entitled “Relationship Advice." Originally produced as a one-act play, the film follows a young man struggling with anxiety and low self-esteem; his thoughts are represented as "characters" with whom he communicates. After the script was revised multiple times, filming took place over approximately thirty-two hours. The project required significant planning, with White preparing storyboards, shooting schedules, and securing equipment. They also worked on location scouting, securing props, and planning costumes for all characters. White then spent upwards of eighty hours editing the film for online release. Following initial video editing, Newhouse and White composed, performed, and recorded an original score. "Relationship Advice" represents the culmination of the company's collective learning experience in the area of film. Newhouse and White plan to apply this knowledge in their future professional lives. The presentation, including the screening of select film clips, will highlight specific examples of both the process and results of this collaboration.

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University of Minnesota, Morris


Morris, MN


Motion pictures--Production and direction; Theater--Production and direction.


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Relationship Advice: Techniques for Independent Theatre & Film Production