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My research comes from three places: Commedia dell’ Arte style theatre, medieval period clothing, and current children’s movies. The costumes for the University of Minnesota, Morris spring children's show The King Stag are unique and imaginative in order to ensure that the show is as magical as possible for the children who attend. This show is a fairy tale about King Seren searching for a Queen who really loves him. When King Seren finds his love, the jealous Prime Minister casts a spell turning King Seren into a stag and himself into the king. Chaos breaks out in the kingdom but eventually everything is sorted out. The original intent of this script was to be performed in the Commedia dell’ Arte style, which originated in Italy in the 16th century and was characterized by masked “types,” but our pre-production discussions at UMM led us to a less traditional approach. The director of The King Stag liked the look of movies with three-dimensional animations made by companies such as Pixar or DreamWorks, so much of my inspiration designing these costumes comes from Brave and Shrek, as well as other classic Disney movies such as Snow White. The style of these costumes loosely reflects the setting in medieval England, but the costumes also include unexpected elements to add to the spectacle. My designs reflect elements from a combination of all these areas.

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Commedia dell'arte; Costume--History--Medieval, 500-1500; Costume design


Theatre and Performance Studies

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Designing Costumes for The King Stag