Activity Fee Review Committee (AFRC) (A10-B) contents

UMM Archives


"The Activity Fee Review Committee (AFRC) is a special committee of the Chancellor comprised of nine students, two faculty members, one staff representative, and the Director of Student Activities. The Committee is charged with making funding recommendations for UMM Student Services Fees and overseeing the allocation of funds to student organizations to be used for campus and community events, activities, and other initiatives." The archives holds records from AFRC from the early 1970s, as part of the Student Activities Record Group.

The archives contains records related to the Activities Fee Review Committee dating back to the late 1960s. Although the records are not totally clear on this point, it appears that UMM students paid an "Incidental Fee" for much of the early period. All fees, those dedicated to student health, as well as those to fund student organizations and activities, were considered incidental fees. By the 1973-74 school year the Health Services fee was separated out for accouting purposes, and fees paid by students to fund organizations and activities were now subsumed under the heading of "Activity Fee." A committee structure was already in existence to determine and manage these monies; the committee, in turn, was restructured in the middle of the decade.

Materials include: agendas, budget proposals, business and financial forms, correspondence, example budget proposals, memoranda, minutes, news clippings (scattered) and reports.

Campus Organizations included: Asian Student Association, Assistance to Student Groups, Black Student Union, Business/Econ Club, Campus Activities Council, Circle of Nations, Cheerleeders, Concert Choir, Dance Ensemble, Debate/Forensics Edson Hall Imorovement Fund, E-Quality, E.T.H.N.I.C., Gallery, Gospel Choir, Imani, Intercollegiate Athletics, International Students, International Relations Club, Intramurals, Jazz Ensemble, KUMM, MCUB, MCUB Concert/Dance, MCUB Films, MCUB Special Events, MCUB Coffehouse, MCUB Convocations, MCUB Performing Arts, MCUB Non-Alchoholic Bar, Meiningens, Men's Athletics, Minority Emphasis Program, Minority Student Program, MO-MISA, Mock Trial, Morris Campus Student Association, Morris Weekly, Native American Students, NASA, Office of Residential Life, Student Activities, Student Center Building Fund, UMM Band, UMM Choir, United Latinos, Women of Color Association, Women's Athletics, Women's Resource Center, Yearbook.