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UMM Saddle Club

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A memo from Jack Imholte to the Saddle Club officers, informing that the University still intends to demolish the Dairy Barn (the Saddle Barn), but the demolition would be happening at some indeterminate point in the future. No specific reasons are given in the letter as to why it was decided that the barn should be demolished.

The letter from the officers that Imholte was responding to is attached, listing the reasons that the barn should not be torn down.


The archivist wishes to note that the Dairy Barn is still currently being used (as of 2018) as the Saddle Barn. The archivist also wishes to note that none of the six reasons provided by the officers were addressed by Imholte in his letter. In the archivist's opinion, this was very condescending on Imholte's part.

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