Publications of University of Minnesota, Morris Psychology faculty.


Faculty Publications from 2024


A Dakota Cultural Intervention’s Influence on Native Students’ Sense of Belonging: A CBPR Case Study, Heather J. Peters, Teresa R. Peterson, and The Dakota Wicoḣaƞ Community

Faculty Publications from 2020


Asexual-Identified Adults: Interactions with Health-Care Practitioners, Shelby K. Flanagan and Heather J. Peters


Divergent Immune Responses in Behaviorally-Inhibited vs. Non-Inhibited Male Rats, Kerry C. Michael, Robert H. Bonneau, Rebecca A. Bourne, LaDara Godbolt, Michael J. Caruso, Christine Hohmann, and Sonia A. Cavigelli

Faculty Publications from 2019


Developing an Indigenous Measure of Overall Health and Well-Being: the Wicozani Instrument, Heather J. Peters and Teresa R. Peterson

Faculty Publications from 2018


Spontaneous Thought and Goal Pursuit: From Functions Such as Planning to Dysfunctions Such as Rumination, Eric Klinger, Ernest H.W. Koster, and Igor Marchetti

Faculty Publications from 2017


Parenting and Motocross: The Whoops and Downs, Marissa E. Holst


Free Will in Addictive Behaviors: A Matter of Definition, Eric Klinger

Faculty Publications from 2016


Nonconscious Motivational Influences on Cognitive Processes in Addictive Behaviors, Eric Klinger, W. Miles Cox, and Javad S. Fadardi

Faculty Publications from 2013


Goal Commitments and the Content of Thoughts and Dreams: Basic Principles, Eric Klinger

Faculty Publications from 2009


Peak performance -- a unifying model, Heather J. Peters and Jean M. Williams