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These former students moved on. But others who came to Morris as students stayed or later returned, transforming their temporary home into a more permanent one. They’ve come back to serve as city government leaders; as the highschool principal; as the newspaper publisher. They’ve established businesses here; they are now faculty members at their alma mater. You will read about their stories here.

You will also find in this issue the story of a man who is “from this place”—who considers Stevens County his lifelong home—but who is not otherwise connected to the campus. And yet this man, and a growing number of others like him, have found alignment between Morris’s mission and goals and their own. These individuals have generously provided resources to the university to preserve for generations to come the kind of educational experience that happens here, in their home. Home… is where the heart is; home is where the head is. Morris, a place called home.

--From Chancellor Johnson's message

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Spring 2015


University of Minnesota, Morris


Morris, MN

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Newsletter article

Profile: Well Founded



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