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Brachycentrus; Larvae--Effect of temperature on


Wild-collected Brachycentrus americanus larvae were subjected to thermal shocks of 30-minute and 60-minute duration in June, September, and December of 1976. Temperatures at collection were 14.7 , 10.4 , and 1.2 C, respectively. The TL50's for both 30-minute and 60-minute shock durations ranged from 33.3 C to 34.0 C for each month, except for a 30-minute exposure in September, which had a TL 50 of 34.6 C. Larvae from a December exposure were held for 16 days to observe postexposure behavior. Feeding was reduced 50 percent among specimens exposed to temperatures 1.2 C below the 30-minute TL 50 and 3.6 C below the 60-minute TL50.

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