University Relations: Athletics (A17-B-8) contents

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Athletics is divided into two boxes. The first box is mostly devoted to UMM football, but there is also Basketball, Baseball, Wresting, Golf, Tennis, Bowling, Cross Country, and Track. There are athletic programs of different colleges, basically UMM opponents, such as: Mankato State 1981-1982 (Basketball), Northern State College-Aberdeen 1981-1982 (Basketball), Moorhead State 1981-1982 (Basketball and Football), Southwest State 1981-1982 (All Fall, Winter, and Spring sports), and St. Cloud State 1981 (Football). All of the football material is stats (1970 and 1979), game programs (1970 and 1979-1982), schedule and roster (1980), NCAA Play-off Info (1977-1978), Alumni Varsity football, All-Time Cougar Football results, Football media guide (1962, 1966-1974, 1976-1977, 1979-1980), and Football videotaping feature. The baseball materials are rosters and schedules from 1974-1982. The basketball materials are rosters from 1961-1983, media guides (1966-1970 and 1972-1975), playoffs (1977-1979), stats (1977-1979 and 1984-1985), and Wrap-up (1977-1979). The bowling materials are rosters and schedules from 1964-1966. The cross country materials are the Cross Country Championships in 1977, the Northern Intercollegiate Conference in 1977, schedule from 1970-1971, and meet information from 1970 along with the cross country route. The golf materials are schedules and rosters from 1961-1977 and NCAA Info from 1982. The tennis materials are rosters and schedules from 1961-1977 and 1982. The track materials are rosters and schedules from 1961-1977 and 1982. The wrestling materials are rosters and schedules from 1961-1977 and 1979-1982. There are also Fall and Winter sports guides from 1992-1996. There are also Wrestling, Women’s Basketball, and Football guides from 1995-1996. The second box contains more of the women’s sports. There are basketball rosters and schedules from 1979-1984 and basketball guides from 1976-1982. There is a tennis roster and schedule from 1982. There are track rosters and schedules from 1975-1978 and 1982. There are volleyball rosters and schedules from 1980-1982 and 1984. There is a Fall sports guide from 1991-1992. There are Basketball rosters from 1968-1969.