University Relations: Serials and programs (A17-B-6) contents

UMM Archives


The serials and programs have been divided into seven boxes. The first box contains class schedules from 1977-1982, 1986-1992, and 2001-2002. There are evening class lists from 1967-1971. There are summer class lists from 1966-1971, 1978, and 1980. There are continuing education bulletins from 1979-1985 and 1990-1991. There are old campus, student/staff, and alumni directories. There are two videocassettes titled “A Liberal Education: Preparation for Life” and “A Framework for the Future of Learning”. Also cassette tapes with interviews by Malcolm Knowles , Cy Houle, Paul Sheats, and Paul Wellstone. Jacqueline Johnson’s Inauguration Invitation is in this box. Also, there are memoranda pertaining to Rodney A. Briggs Associates Annual Meeting that took place in 2007. On CD there is an interview with H. M. Hanson and C. Bollinger that happened in 1976. There is a review, by Bruce Colebank, of the book “Pursuit of Loneliness” in 1976. A 2007 transcript of Sam Schuman’s speech is in this box and John Treanor’s book “A First Thesaurus”. The second box contains information pertaining to commencement such as: Cap and Gown Day book, Awards book, Programs (1964-2001), Programs for the College of Education, MA in Elementary Education and Home Economics 1986 and 1988, and Graduation Dinner Program for the College of Education, MA in Elementary Education and Home Economics in 1989. There are music programs from 1967-1981. There are student honors and awards programs from 1992-1995 and 1980-2000. Also, there are workshops, seminars, conventions, institutes programs from 1967-1980. The third box contains programs for the theater arts department from 1967-1981 and some programs for the performing arts. There are some seminar honors brochures and concerts and art exhibition programs from 1977-1989. There are some foreign language booklets in a folder named “Ideas, Idees, Ideen”. There is a folder on the group Fine American Boys (FAB), which were a group of 20 men who protested protesting by planning a 408 hour read in. This took place in 1967 and it was covered by many newspapers, even one in Chicago, and by many television news stations. There are a few group projects such as: Dollars for Scholars, Eagle Lake Project, Student Recruitment project, and Pomme de Terre river study. All of the groups have their respective folders that state what their organization did, its background, the year it was started or took place, etc. The fourth box contains a lot of random UMM pamphlets, booklets, services, and policies. There are some class schedules one from 1991-1992, evening classes bulletins from 1967-1970, and summer classes bulletins from 1967-1971. There are directories for alumni and student-staff. There are some folders on faculty each having something different in their folder. There is an Individual Faculty report for Joseph Blount, “You Will Never Forget This Place” a fair well letter to Bruce Burns from UMM in 1986 and a story Burns wrote with some newspaper clippings, newspaper clipping and resume for William Miles Cox, emails sent out by John Imholte informing faculty/staff/students that Herb Croom died in 1973 when he lost his battle with cancer, an obituary is also in Croom’s folder, and the beginning of the Herb Croom memorial fund, E. Louise Curtis dedication and emails sent out by John Imholte informing faculty/staff/students of her death in 1974 after suffering a long illness and cancer, and Robert Feleppa’s resume and information pertaining to him coming to Morris as a guest speaker in 1979. There are also 17 copies of Profile. The fifth box contains an overview of a project called “Minnesota: Rivers and Fields” that took place in 2000. There are some brochures such as: “Guidelines for Creating Positive Sexual and Racial Images in Educational Materials”, “Guide to Improving the Campus Climate for Women”, “Campus Safety and Security Report”, “Student Employment Handbook” ,”Regents’ Basic Policy on Student Employment and the Morris Campus Student Employment Rules”, and “Access for Students With Disabilities”. There are some Capital Requests from 1988, a Campus Master Plan from 1995, and a Self-Study report from 1990. A folder named Morris news files has newspaper clippings from 1977-2007 pertaining to Morris and another separate one that is just all about Morris Social Science and Science from 1998-2005. A folder titled “Muskogee, Oklahoma Incident” is all about how three graduates got in trouble with their high school for wearing their Native American heritage on them during commencement. The school was refusing to give them their diplomas, but soon gave them back when the students started talking about taking legal action. All three students were offered a full-ride scholarship to UMM, two of them took it and attended UMM in 1996, the third went to a different school to be closer to her family. This incident was big news at the time and a lot of reporters were calling Gary McGrath. A folder titled “Shooting Incident in President’s Office” contains newspaper clippings, emails, and a composite sketch of the woman who fired a shot at President Hasselmo, but missed. The newspaper articles give a rundown of the events and the fact that the woman was still at large for a while after the shooting; they also give the woman’s motive once she was caught, she was having an affair with the head of the chemistry department and it ended badly. There are some Annual Reports from 1995-2002. There are some VHS tapes, CDs, slides, and a photo collection. They are titled “Your Legislatures PPTV Program Science Building”, “Capital Request”, “Studio Art Exhibition 2008”, “Untitled”, “New Student Orientation Slideshow”, and “Capital Normal University Visit 2005”. The sixth box contains weekly bulletins from 2001-2002 and press releases from 1997-2001. There are staff and student directories from 1999-2002, commencement programs from 2005-1984, honors and awards ceremony programs from 2003-2005, 60 year tribute Morris sun, and a NCAA public relations manual from 1981. The seventh box contains a ton of UMM University Relations newsletters years range from 1994-2001. There are some commencement programs such as 2009-2011. Also, there are various UMM related brochures.