UMM Miscellaneous and Correspondence: Students (A1-K-s) contents

UMM Archives


The materials represent an eclectic collection of records and cut across a wide variety of student-related topics. Most of the papers, however, deal with issues outside the classroom. Of special interest are the files detailing orientation issues, and these materials, beginning in the late 1960s and extending to the early 1990s, reflect debates within the administration over how to introduce students to college life during a period of significant social and cultural change. A handful of files detail the process of planning and building the Student Center. An extremely early file, "Student Information, 1960-61" provides survey data on why the first admitted students chose Morris, their home towns, parents' occupation, etc. (An incredible 159 of the first 238 admitted students had left by the end of the second year). Finally, a folder labeled "Student Participation in Student Government, 1987-88" contains a brief timeline apparently written by Jack Imholte that details the process by which students achieved campus assembly membership rights.