UMM Miscellaneous and Correspondence: UMM (A1-K-u) contents

UMM Archives


Materials in this sub-series consist of brochures, correspondence, memorandum, pamphlets, reports and surveys. Together they provide a look at some of the internal workings of the college from the 1960s to the 1990s. Some of the materials are promotional in nature, and some of the files contain records from various self-studies. Of special note are the materials from the 1960s that speak to issues of growth and development. See, for instance, the files labeled, "Development--UMM, 1961-61" and "Basic Information--UMM, 1962-63," which contains a document prepared by Rodney Briggs and Malcolm M. Willey defending UMM's status as a four-year institution. The folder, "Philosophy and Objectives--UMM, 1963-64" lays out a brief history and description of the campus as of that date and describes the nature of the curriculum, expectations for faculty, salary, etc. The materials in "Self-Survey, 1963" chronicle what seems to have been the first attempt at assessment. The files having to do with the "University Center" contain planning materials for Student Center construction.

Some records are reflective of all-University concerns. A number of folders document "University 2000," an attempt in the 1990s under the Presidency of Nils Hasselmo to reorganize the larger institution. Other records speak to student life, and the sub-series contains early handbooks and promotional materials. The file marked "Silhouette Brochure" contains an early promotional brochure. Also included are materials having to do with the "Office of University Relations."