All-University Relations (A1-M) contents

UMM Archives


These materials are from the All University Senate and from various All University Senate committees. Materials include memoranda, meeting notices, agendas, announcements, dockets and minutes, reports, rosters and materials related to Senate and Senate committee elections. Some materials refer to constitutional issues, and the record series includes a published copy of “University Senate Constitution, Bylaws, and Rules.” Of special interest: the file on “Reorganization of the Senate” from 1967-68; the file titled, “Senate” from 1972-73 containing materials on tenure revision; the 1979-80 “Report of the Senate Consultative Committee’s Subcommittee on Senate Reorganization,” the report entitled “Fair Tuition: Policy for the 1981-83 Biennium,” the report, “Toward 1985 and Beyond,” authored by the Senate Committee on Resources and Planning, June 1971 and the response in memo-form written by Stephen Granger; and Judicial Committee case abstracts.