UMM Miscellaneous and Correspondence: Honors, awards, scholarships and grants (A1-K-m) contents

UMM Archives


Materials in this sub-series, consisting mainly of correspondence, memoranda, reports and rosters, address a wide range of topics having to do with honors and awards. Of special interest are the files documenting the awards and honors bestowed on members of the first graduating class in 1964 and materials focusing on the "Distinguished Service(s) Award." This award honored off-campus individuals who had accomplished meritorious service in support of the college. A few files detail award winners at commencement. Both Delbert Peterson and Stanley Wenberg were award winners, and "Wenberg's Remarks at Distinguished Services Award Banquet" contains a transcript of his banquet speech detailing the politics behind the founding of the campus.

Some materials here reflect on various celebrations, banquets and receptions. They also document efforts to raise scholarship money, such as through the "Donor Scholarship Banquet" in 1975, and other efforts at fund raising. The file entitled "Scholarship Fund Drives, 1980-81" contains an interesting letter written by ex-Governor Elmer Benson rejecting a request for a scholarship donation.

The sub-series contains a single file for the Morris Alumni Teaching award (1991) and a long series of files on Horace T. Morse Award winners (1969-85).

Misfiled but still of interest are the number of files on "Summer Scholars." This program recruited high school students for a two-week, intensive course taught by UMM professors.