UMM Miscellaneous and Correspondence: Sports (A1-K-r) contents

UMM Archives


These materials document the shifting issues and concerns of the various chancellors as they sought to balance the mission and the culture of the college with the its participation in intercollegiate athletics. Although a few folders contain materials having to do with intramurals and athletic clubs, the vast majority of these records involve the athletic department and intercollegiate sports. Important issues discussed include funding, scholarships, conference affiliation and UMM's membership in national athletic organizations. Of particular interest, then, are the materials from David Johnson's chancellorship that accompanied the switch from the NAIA to the NCAA II. Also of interest are materials documenting the growing role of women athletes in the wake of Title IX. An early file from the 1960s, "Women's Recreation Association," help chronicle an early attempt on the part of UMM women to organize recreational sports. Some material in a file labeled "Intercollegiate Athletics, 1993-94" reflect the fallout from the so-called "Halloween Incident" and its impact on the wrestling program.