Athletic department (A21) contents

UMM Archives


The Athletics Department is divided into four boxes. The first one contains all of the baseball information. There are blank score sheets, budget records, end of season reports from 1975-1987, exercises, postseason forms from 1978, programs, records, stats, recruitment letters, rosters, schedules, etc. The recruitment letters are from 1982 and they consist of high school baseball players and high school coaches contacting the head baseball coach inquiring about the baseball program at UMM. The second box contains all of the basketball information for both men and women and football information. The basketball materials are handbooks, season end reports from 1975-1987, workout sheets, postseason forms from 1978-79, 1982, and 1984, stats, rosters, summer camp, tournaments, budgets, etc. There are a bunch of folders on budgets such as: intramurals 1989-1990, total budgets for men and women years 1989-1992, 1981 NCAA DIII wrestling financial documents, etc. There are folders on clubs such as: Cougar, Dunk, Gold, and Letter. The football material includes: documents from 1978, clinic information 1979 NIC, playoff information NAIA 1986, Metrodome games, parents’ day 1974-1987, quickness drills, recruiting, rosters, season end reports, Shrine Bowl programs, stats, records, etc. There is a small portion of golf material such as rosters and season end reports. There are High School Tournament information for basketball and wrestling. There is a list of men’s letter winners for various years, the oldest being 1965 and the earliest 1984. There is a folder which is the proposal for the competition swimming pool which is in the RFC, planning for this project goes back to 1967. The third box contains physical education information, press releases for football, the NSIC 1996-1997, NSIC women’s basketball 1993-1995, and tennis. There are materials on tennis such as rosters and season end reports and information on track such as: goal sheet, rosters, schedules, results, stretches, exercises, records, certificates, season reports, etc. There are volleyball rosters from 1971, 1973-1974, and 1980. There are materials on wrestling such as: correspondence, scholar-athletes nominations, cougar invitational, playoff information from 1980, programs, rosters, season end reports, tournament information, etc. The fourth box contains a framed picture of the men’s tennis team (no date, but it looks like the 90s), UMM Homecoming First Place Parade Float Plaque, NSIC Hall of Fame Willis R. Kelly Plaque inducted in 2001, and As Seen In… U.S. News & World Report’s Best Colleges Issue September 1, 2003 Plaque.