General files and correspondence: Planning (A2-E-f) contents

UMM Archives


This subseries consists of a wide range of planning materials from within the Vice-Chancellor for Student Affair's office. It consists primarily of reports, proposals, mission statements, meeting minutes, and correspondence regarding these planning materials, as well as written notes, lists, and "brainstorming" materials. It also includes various newspaper articles and University publications collected regarding these plans. Topics vary on a wide range of issues, from land purchases, to student enrollment, to new facilities, to retrenchment and reallocation, to essential budget proposals.

Of special interest are early correspondence in 1975 and 1980 regarding the University's acquisition of lands near the high school and west of the Highway 59 by-pass. The 1987 Strategy for Focus addresses an interesting issue of changing the university's focus away from growth and expanded enrollment. Many documents, reports, and correspondence are regarding the Commitment to Focus document and campus plan. Bettina Blake's 1988 document lays out her vision of UMM's future and her thoughts on the liberal arts. Also of interest is a discussion on cutting the full time hall director cuts in the program cuts of 1991, which also includes a report on residence hall discipline from 1989-90 and 1990-91. There is a considerable collection of newspaper clippings regarding the budget cuts, retrenchment, and reallocation of the U of M in 1990-91. The planning and report materials also contain a large amount of planning materials for the Title III grants.