Planning and progress reports (A3-I) contents

UMM Archives


The materials in this record sub-series include records from the both the University and from various local and regional organizations dedicated to development. Much of the material involving regional planning is from the administration of Gordon Bopp, who was actively involved in local and agricultural issues. Of special interest in regards University and campus planning are the various annual and biennial reports, the building plans and legislative request files and various folders that speak to "Retrenchment and Reallocation." One folder, "Cluster College Plan and Recommendation for Growth at UMM, 1971" offers an alternative vision of campus size and structure during the formative period. Another file, labeled "Community Research and Development," contains materials that seem to anticipate the full development of CERP at UMM (1972). The file reflecting the work of the "UMM Academic Mission Statement Commission, 1971-72" is also noteworthy.

Some materials, especially in Box One, are misfiled.