Budget (A3-A) contents

UMM Archives


Although this record sub-series is entitled "Assessment of Student Learning," it contains other materials which document other aspects of the Morris student experience. Heavily represented here are reports and publications which offer descriptive statistics regarding student learning, the social and educational background of incoming students, student satisfaction, alumni career paths, to name a few. Of special interest is a 1988 faculty self-assessment survey in which they assessed the quality of their respective divisions. Other files contain correspondence and reports regarding transfer credit issues and policy. An interesting, although obviously misfiled folder, documents a complaint authored by Stephen Granger and sent to the U.S Customs Service after a bus-load of UMM students was treated rudely by a customs agent at the Alaska-Canada border. Also conspicuous in the sub-series are the many publications and reports having to do with student retention rates. Some files are more specific in addressing retention rates among minority students. The 1986 ACT Student Survey presents a compilation of student opinions about courses, registration, and the campus in general.