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My research looked into the relationship between maternal autonomy and how child health care is utilized in third world countries. I worked with my professor, Dr. Bibhudutta Panda, to specifically look at Bangladesh as our country of interest. The country itself is smaller than Florida but is ranked number 8 for the most populated country. In Bangladesh the infant mortality rate is 6 times more than the US, at 30.7 per 1000 live births and government expenditure is also low. The main reason behind to pick Bangladesh is also that it is a third world country and also a patriarchal society where the father demands the greater role in family-decision making. The level ranges depending on other important factors such as socioeconomic factors (e.g. household economic status), and child and mother specific characteristics related to health care utilization.

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Children--Health and hygiene; Mothers; Bangladesh


Health Economics

Maternal Autonomy and Child Health Care Utilization: Evidence from Bangladesh