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University of Minnesota Morris production of Lovers by Brian Friel and directed by Raymond J. Lammers.

Synopsis: Lovers consists of two parts: Winners and Losers. In Winners, two commentators speak without emotion about the life and death of young Mag and Joe, who are destined to be married in three weeks due to Mag’s pregnancy. The two young people are bursting with life, enthusiasm, and hope. Mag and Joe truly care for each other, and though their youth often leads to heated arguments, they soon dissipate through vows of love and carefree joking. Their youthful passion, however, threatens to overwhelm them and cut short their futures.

Losers, on the other hand, tells the story of an older couple, Andy and Hanna, who are trapped in Hanna’s home by her invalid mother, Mrs. Wilson, who demands every moment of Hanna’s time. Before Andy and Hanna are married, Mrs. Wilson rings for Hanna whenever there is silence downstairs. After their marriage, she rings for her daughter whenever they speak, thereby effectively ruining the couple’s relationship before it begins and after it has commenced.

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Theatre and Performance Studies

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Lovers, November 14-17, 1990