New Research: Yearbook for the Society of Medieval Germanic Studies


Editor-in-Chief: Stephen Mark Carey, University of Minnesota, Morris
Associate Editor: Ernst Ralf Hintz, Truman State University
Book Review Editor: Scott E. Pincikowski, Hood College

New Research: Yearbook for the Society of Medieval Germanic Studies is a peer reviewed journal with a focus on topics and fields relating to German and Germanic languages, literatures, graphic and plastics arts, manuscript studies, linguistics, law, philosophy, music, psychology, theology, and histories (political, social, medical, technological and economic) from the earliest surviving evidence of Germanic languages and cultures the culture up to the beginnings of the Protestant Reformation. This focus also encompasses studies of related Latin works and comparative studies from the period. The journal also welcomes studies on medievalisms, theoretical approaches relevant to medieval studies, the influence and reception of medieval culture in the various Germanic language literary histories, and relationships between the medieval and the modern. The journal is published online through the University of Minnesota, Morris.


Current Issue: Volume 1, Issue 1 (2013) New Research in Medieval German Studies: The Yearbook of the Society for Medieval German Studies


Excalibur's Siegfried and the Music of Myth
Alexandra Sterling-Hellenbrand