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Corn--Seeds--Processing; Seed treatment


Cool soil temperatures at planting delay germination, seedling emergence, and plant development. Seed hydration and plant nutrition, especially nitrogen (N) and phosphorus (P), accelerate germination and development. In order to assess effects of hydration, temperature and nutrition on field grown maize, seeds were hydrated at three temperatures, 10, 20, and 30 C and four nutrient regimes, water only, with nutrients (N), with iron-chelate (Fe), and with both N and Fe. Non-hydrated seeds were used as control comparisons. Field plots were established on an Aastad loam (Pachic Udic Haploboroll)/Flom silty clay loam (Typic Haplaquoll) complex in 1991 and a Barnes loam (Udic Haploboroll) in 1992. Hydration accelerated seedling emergence by 3 to 4 days and tasseling by about 2 days in both years. Silking was advanced by about 2 days in 1992 but little effect was noted in 1991. The 1991 growing season was characterized by a warm growing season and accelerated plant development; grain yields and grain moisture content at harvest were unaffected by seed treatment. In contrast, the 1992 growing season was cool and plant development was slowed relative to most years. Hydration at 10 and 20 C with N and Fe produced about 10% greater yields than that of the nonhydrated controls. Grain moisture content at harvest in 1992 was about 3% less in treatments which had been hydrated at 20 and 30 C with N and Fe in comparison with nonhydrated controls. Seed pretreatment accelerated plant maturation and may have ameliorated marginal nutrient deficiency.

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