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Rust fungi


Ten taxa of rust fungi (Coleosporium campanulae, Puccinia amphigena, P. caulicola, P.longipes var. brevipes, P. mcclatchieana, P. magnusiana, P.punctata var. troglodytes, Tranzschelia arthurii, Uromyces dictyosperma, and U. plumbarius) are reported for the first time from Minnesota. Seven other rust species (Puccinia adoxae, P. distichlidis, P. interoeniens, P. pygmaea, P. typhae, Uromyces andropogonis, and U. geranit) should be removed from the state flora list. Puccinia typhaealso is excluded from the U.S. rust flora list. New Minnesota host plants are reported for fifteen rust pathogens. One host species is deleted for P. polygoniamphibii. Intrastate 200-mile range extensions are reported for four rust fungi.

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