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Fishing bait industry; Fishing surveys; Leeches


As part of an assessment of the bait leech industry and its market potential, a survey of 5,000 Minnesota anglers was conducted in the spring of 1985. Although the survey instrument was designed to derive information about the bait leech (Nephelopsis obscura) and its use, it also included questions about angler characteristics, preferences, and fishing activities for the 1984 fishing season. Responses to these questions produced a profile of the Minnesota angler. Our survey results show that the typical Minnesota angler is male, middle-aged, has a relatively high household income, and has fished for many years. He fishes from a boat on a lake with other family members mainly for relaxation. He fishes 6 hours a day for 24 days during the summer fishing season. The typical Minnesota angler fishes mainly for walleye and prefers to catch several medium-sized fish as opposed to a limit of small but keeper-sized fish or one large fish. He does not own a cabin and does not belong to fishing clubs or organizations. He is most likely to read Field and Stream magazine but receives a great deal of his fishing information from friends. The household of the typical Minnesota angler has $717 invested in fishing equipment excluding boat(s) and gasoline motor(s) and spends about $165 per year on such equipment. He has access to 5.4 reels and 4.8 rods, is likely to use a depth finder when fishing, and uses a variety of different fishing techniques. He is a member of a household that owns an aluminum- hulled boat 15-16 feet long, powers it with a gasoline-powered outboard motor, and has about $2,400 invested in boat(s), motor(s), and trailer(s). The typical Minnesota angler rated the 1984 fishing experience as average or better.

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