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Desmidiaceae; Diatoms; Algal populations; Itasca State Park (Minn.)


The summer desmid and diatom flora of North Deming Pond in lake Itasca State Park is presented. One hundred sixty desmid taxa representing 23 genera are recorded. Of these, 15 taxa appear to be park records and 82 are apparently Minnesota records. The desmid genera, Closterium, Cosmarium, Euastrum, Micrasterias, Pleurotaenium, and Staurastrum display the most taxa. The 136 diatom taxa recorded represent 27 genera. More than half of the taxa are assignable to the genera Eunotia, Navicula, Neidium, and Pinnularia. Given the brief and cursory nature of this study, the taxomic representation of these algae indicates high species richness and diversity in the Itasca Park area and suggests the need for further taxonomic inventory.

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