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Employment (Economic theory); Labor supply


Consideration of the movement of jobs and people can highlight regional variations in economic performance. The employment-population ratio reflects these movements and measures the success of the economy at providing jobs. To investigate the uneven inter- and intraregional distribution of the effects of recession and recovery, this study compares employment-population ratios in the major regions of the nation, the state of Minnesota, and northeastern Minnesota with national trends. The results indicate that, relative to developments in the nation and the state, the recent recession of 1980-1982 was more severe and the recovery has been slower m northeastern Minnesota. The ability of a state or region to adapt to changes in economic condition depends, in part, on its industrial composition. To further investigate variations in economic performance, the employment-population ratios by industrial sector for Duluth-Superior, a declining area, and Houston, an expanding area, are compared with national trends.

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