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DDT (Insecticide); Pesticides--Environmental aspects; Juneau Icefield (Alaska and B.C.)


The objectives of this study were: 1) to determine if DDT residues occurred in the ice of the Juneau Icefield, and 2) to devise a simple, inexpensive method of sampling glacial ice for pesticide residues. No DDT was found in the samples of ice collected strata spanning the 1963 to 1970 period. However, phthalate plasticizers were found in all samples and were assumed to be· due to contamination during collection. The elution time of the phthalate by gas chromatography was identical to that of p, p-DDT. Conversion of DDT to DDD by ultraviolet light was found to remove the phthalate. In the presence of phthalate, DDT could be verified at 25 x 10 -12g per gram of water. In the absence of phthalate the lower of detection of DDT was 1 x 10-12gfg water.

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