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Stress in the Work Place

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Job stress; Work environment


A study was undertaken in an attempt to get answers to current questions on the impact of stress in the work place as perceived by company management and employees at different levels, but emphasizing views of persons in supervisory positions. Information was gathered in questionnaires submitted to 150 companies selected at random from telephone directories of Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota. The survey was administered by college students majoring in business and drew 128 respondents representing a cross-section of occupations from 100 business concerns of varying size. When asked which factors contributed to stress, the preponderant response was "heavy work load," cited by 44.5 percent. Other identifying factors are tabulated. Of the respondents, 60.7 percent of the males and 63.3 percent of the females were supervisors. The reported levels of stress related generally to the number of persons supervised.

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