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Cyclamen; Buds; Plants--Development


The development of axillary buds along the primary shoot axis of Cyclamen persicum Mill. F-1 Rosemunde .was examined. Vegetative buds usually formed in the axils of the cotyledon and first 5 leaves. Flowers were produced from the majority of the buds which developed in the axils of later-formed leaves. The first indication of vegetative bud development was the appearance of a shell zone. Proliferation of the cells set off by this zone soon led to the establishment of a branch shoot apex producing leaf primordia. Formation of a shell zone was not associated with the initiation of floral buds. These ·arose as a detached meristem and the proliferation of the axillary cells soon led to the establishment of an apical organization. Vigorous activity of the rib meristem and its derivatives initiated rapid peduncle growth. The differentiation of initials into vegetative vs reproductive buds may be due to different environmental conditions influenced by the subtending and adjacent leaves, as well as to cytological differences between the cells of the respective shoot apices.

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