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Shields (Geology); Seismology; Cannon River (Minn.); Valleys


A seismic survey of the Cannon River Valley between Northfield and Cannon Falls, Minnesota, revealed the presence of a 30-meter deep buried river valley under or near the Cannon River. The buried channel emanates from the Spring Creek Valley in Northfield, makes a 90-degree turn to the northeast at the confluence of Spring Creek and the Cannon River. and follows the Cannon to Cannon Falls. Buried tributary valleys appear to join the main buried channel at several locations. There may be buried tributary valleys or a network of abandoned Cannon River channels eroded into bedrock under the lake plain north of Lake Byllesby. The material of this survey also was reported by Timothy D. Vick, one of the three researchers, at the 1980 meeting of the Institute on Lake Superior Geology.

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