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Red-winged blackbird; Birds--Nests; Birds--Breeding


Reproductive success of a Red-winged Blackbird population nesting in marsh-like habitat In north central Minnesota was estimated. Territorial defense by males began in late April, and nest initiation occurred from mid-May through about mid-July. Nest-starts appeared to be divided into two categories: initial attempts which occurred in late May with a high degree of synchrony, and renesting attempts which occurred from about June 4-July 8, The nesting season lasted only about two months. A minimum of 20 percent of marked females renested on the study area, and others may have renested elsewhere. Three of the six females that renested switched male territories, moving as far as 230 m. An average of 2.6 young were fledged per male territory. A shortage of water adversely affected nesting habitat and probably lowered reproductive success.

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