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Dieldrin; Chickens--Effect of insecticides on; Chickens--Embryos


In this study, insecticide residues in chicken eggs, livers, and fats were monitored in a flock of chickens for seventy-nine days. The test group was fed dieldrin in their drinking water for eighteen days and then was returned to normal water for forty-two more days. The sacrificed birds of the test group showed a 0.39 ppm average increase in dieldrin residue in the eggs, 0 .14 ppm in the livers and 9.54ppm in the fats when compared with the control eggs. livers and fats respectively. The I-test calculations showed these results to be significant.

Observations of the embryos from the incubated eggs of each group showed abnormalities in the test birds' embryos compared to normal development in the control embryos. There were no significant differences in the eggshell thicknesses in either the test or control groups.

Behavioral changes were noted in the test birds after the dieldrin feedings that were not present in the control birds activities. They had become very nervous and leg reflex excitability was evident.

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