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Atomic Numbers Revalued

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Atomic mass; Atomic structure; Atomic theory


As a general physical theory, the Reciprocal System of D.B. Larson covers all physical fields, including atomic physics . Inasmuch as all of the conclusions reached in the theoretical development are derived entirely by deduction from the basic postulates of this system, the conclusions provide information that is completely independent of observation. The theoretical development indicates that the Mosely atomic number mathematical formula is quite right, and the Rutherford-Bohr-Mosely nuclear atom physical interpretation of atomic number is seriously wrong. The discrete units constituting atoms evidently are not neutrons and electrically charged particles. Nor are atoms made up of parts, a nucleus, electron orbitals, etc. From the Rutherford experiment it can be inferred that the size of an atom is about 10-13cm. instead of 10-8 cm. and that all, not merely most of, its mass is in the region with the smaller dimension. Nobody has found the unknown nuclear force assumed to attract alleged protons in spite of the known repulsion between them.

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