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Wetland surveys; Wetland plants; Cyperaceae


Midsummer standing crops of wetland sedges have been measured along a transect from forest to prairie in northwestern Minnesota. The eight forest stands, all but one on waterlogged fibrous peats, are dominated by Carex lacustris (4 stands), C. lasiocarpa (2), C. rostrata (1) and C. atherodes (1). They exhibit above-ground standing crops ranging from 425 to 738 g dry wt/m2, with a mean of 606 g/m2. The five prairie stands on well-drained silty peats are all dominated by Carex atherodes, and their standing crops range from 679 to 1248 g dry wt/m2, with a mean of 941 g/m2. Above-ground standing crop in the prairie sites is therefore 55% greater than in the forest sites.

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