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Glacial lakes--Minnesota; Soil surveys


Soil surveys in several counties in western Minnesota have revealed a soils pattern which provides geomorphic evidence for a previously unrecognized glacial lake. This glacial lake, here called Glacial Lake Benson, is about 60 miles long, 40 miles wide and of almost one million acres in area. Soils along its northern boundary are generally developed in coarse outwash. The central and southern portions of the lake basin have well-sorted silty soils, similar to those in Glacial Lake Agassiz. The elevation of the outer edge of the Benson basin is about 1,050 feet. Topographic maps were used to prepare transects which helped determine the size and shape of the lake basin. The soil parent materials are water-sorted. The source of water for Glacial Lake Benson came from the north and drained to the southeast.

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