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Mourning dove; Birds--Migration; Birds--Mortality; Bird banding


Banding data gathered over a three-year period at Savage, Minnesota, were analyzed to determine migration patterns and mortality rates of 2,218 mourning doves. The age ratio among trapped doves was 1.19 immatures per 1 adult and the sex ratio 3.84 males per 1 female. The weighted mean annual mortality rate for immature doves was 58.5 percent. For adult doves, the weighted annual mortality was 28.2 percent. The total weighted recovery rate was 1.24 immatures to 1 adult. The data show that immatures are 75 percent more vulnerable than adults to being shot; although no difference was found in direct recovery rates between immature and adult birds. Correction for differential vulnerability of sexes on basis of banding data showed that females were 143 percent more likely to be shot. The rate of migrational homing was not calculated, but data suggest that a high proportion of the surviving individuals homed to their natal area.

Distribution of recoveries shows south, southeasternly and southwesternly migration patterns. The Central Management Unit accounted for 69 percent of the total recoveries. Most of the outstate recoveries were in Texas, with Florida recoveries second.

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