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ABSTRACT- The vessel members of Myrica escu/enta from two_ trees, one in Sarawak, the other in Singapore, are described. The differences in habitat as well as in vertical position in each-tree have a minor influence on dimensional characteristics of the vessel members. However, radial position is very significant. Average length of element increases from 600μ, to 950μ, b~tween .05 cm from the pith to 1.75 cm from the pith and then ceases to elongate appreciably. Average diameter over the same radial distance increases from 30μ, to l 05μ. Also over the same radial distance, the average number of perforations of the end-wall decreases from 16 to 7 and the average end-wall angle increases from 14° to 42 °. In these respects Myrica escu/enta has primitive to intermediate vessel members. The data provide a basis for evaluation of the evolutionary status of the other species of the Myricaceae which are available to us only in the form of fragmentary wood specimens.

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