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Labor unions--Recognition; White collar workers


ABSTRACT - Data of union representation elections held by the National Labor Relations Board were used in this study to investigate demand by white collar workers for union services, and union efforts to organize white collar workers between 1950 and 1969. Findings indicate that slow growth of white collar unionism prior to the 50's was due to a lack of demand for union services among white collar workers and a lack of interest among unions to organize white collar workers, but in the late 60's it was mainly because of the lack of .union efforts to organize the white collar workers. Possible preference for different types of unions among these workers was also investigated. Unions of the strong bargaining power type are prefered by the white collar workers, even though that form does not preserve white collar status. Thus the existing union structure does not appear cis a serious obstacle to unionization of white collar workers. The conclusion must be considered tentative because unions also recruit members through such methods as elections conducted by public agencies as well as by direct organizing.

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