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Eutrophication; Lakeshore development; Lake Bemidji (Minn.)


ABSTRACT - The eutrophication of lakes has been the subject of much discussion in scientific journals and the popular press .. Usually the e.utrophication process is accelerated by human activities. This study evaluates the extent of lakeshore development and recreational use of Lake Bemidji in north central Minnesota and examines the willingness of lakeshore residents to be assessed for corrective measures to halt deterioration of this valuable recreational lake. The shoreline of Lake Bemidji is highly developed, and the high density human habitation represents a potential source of nutrients from percolation through the sand and gravel soils which surround the lake. Residents around Lake Bemidji believe that growth of algae and aquatic vascular plants is not now severe and that it does not affect their use of the lake for recreational purposes. Although seventy-five percent of the residents favor regulation of lakeshore use and development, only 37 percent indicate willingness to be assessed for construction of a sewer line surrounding the lake.

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